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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Peace Corps Partnership Program
The Peace Corps Partnership Program provides a link between U.S. contributors (or Partners) and requests for project assistance from the overseas communities in which Peace Corps Volunteers serve. Through the Partnership Program, Peace Corps facilitates the active participation of Americans in the development process, promotes community action and involvement both overseas and in the United States, and fosters greater international understanding through cross-cultural exchange. 


Peace Corps Third Goal:  A Development Education Opportunity Peace Corps Week, on the first week in March, commemorates Peace Corps' anniversary. Special events on that week include classroom visits by thousands of returned Peace Corps Volunteers in schools across the country, sharing their experiences and insights with students in all grades.

Peace Corps/Morocco Volunteer Assistance Committee (VAC) 
Now closed and funnelled through the Peace Corps Partnership Program, Peace Corps/Morocco formerly had a committee of five Peace Corps Volunteers, who assisted volunteers financially with low budget, low maintenance type projects (a partial list of past VAC projects is included).  These projects are funded by outside donations and by the selling of Peace Corps T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and cookbooks etc. to the volunteers and the community.  FOM contributed US $500 in March 1999, $500 in June 2000 and $500 in November 2001 from member dues and contributions.  These pages are maintained as a record of former support.


FOM Board of Directors and Officers
Volunteers are needed to serve on the FOM Board of Directors and to stand for nomination for officer positions such as President, Secretary and Treasurer and other officers.


FOM Committee Assignments and Special Projects