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Volunteer Assistance Committee: Morocco

Volunteer Assistance Committee

To: The Friends of Morocco

The Volunteer Assistance Committee of Morocco (VAC) is asking for your help to fund much needed Peace Corps Volunteer community-based projects.

September 15, 1998

Many recent RPCV's may have had their small projects funded by us during their PC service, but for those who may not remember, or never heard about us here=s what we do: In Morocco, VAC is a committee of five Peace Corps Volunteers, who assists volunteers financially with low budget, low maintenance type projects (a partial list of past VAC projects is included).  These projects are funded by outside donations and by the selling of Peace Corps T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and cookbooks etc. to the volunteers and the community.  The financial assistance we are able to provide, comes from the Volunteer Support Fund (VSF).  VAC serves as the (VSF) steward.  VAC considers project proposals from PCV applicants who present projects that are volunteer initiated, have community integration /cooperation and are sustainable.

There are many organizations here in Morocco and around the world who continue to help Peace Corps Volunteers fund large projects, unfortunately there is a very limited amount of funding available out there for smaller community-based PCV projects. This is where VAC comes in and why we are writing for your support.   Lately PCV's have had to deal with another dilemma. Some project proposals we receive are above our funding capabilities, but are still to small for other funding organizations. What we are hoping to do with your support, is raise our $100.00 cap per project to $200.00, but we can only do this with your help.

We are asking for a minimum of $25.00 per contribution.  To reiterate, in order to raise our VAC funding, capabilities $100.00 per project to $200.00 dollars so VAC can fund more community based, sustainable future PCV projects.

Please forward all contributions to:    

The Volunteer Support Fund

Peace Corps Office VAC/Morocco

1 rue Benzerte

Rabat, Morocco 10000

Please make all checks payable to (VSF)Volunteer Support Fund. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Jonathan Allen Scott
PCV/Morocco & VAC Member