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Moroccan Music
see also Festivals in Morocco

Wikipedia: Music of Morocco is the most popular web site in and outside of Morocco, 100% Moroccan, with over 5000 video clips, 7000 mp3 music tracks, 1000 noukat audio and text.

JukeBox A shockwave interface providing more than 70 tracks (20-60 min) from Radio Casablanca

ListenArabic Moroccan songs An open door to the Arab world Moroccan music

Moroccan Music Clips of nine Moroccan songs and virtual tours of the El Bedi Palace, Marrakech, Cascade Du Ouzude, and more.

Ministère de la culture Enregistrements musicaux: Musique arabo-andalouse, onze nubas (versions intégrales), coffret de 73 CDS. Entre mai 1989 et février 1992, le Ministère de la Culture a coproduit, en partenariat avec la Maison des Cultures du Monde à Paris, l'Anthologie al ala : 73 CDs totalisant plus de 81 heures de musique et de chant et couvrant la totalité du répertoire connu des 11 noubas. See also M&A CD REVIEWS

Xauen Music Inc Hicham Chami and his instrument, the Qanun.  Hicham’s last distinction was the “Best instrumentalist of Chicago”, annually awarded by the prestigious Chicago Magazine. Hicham is the first Muslim Arab ever to win such distinction

Led by oudist Tarik Banzi, the Al-Andalus Ensemble is internationally known for a creative fusion which etches a fine line between the exquisite and raw, the passionate and powerful while treating the listener to a confluence of the best of the East and West. These sophisticated artists with extraordinary breadth and creativity soulfully merge classical, jazz and contemporary music with musical traditions from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Thus embodying the new vision of America as a modern society that embraces its cosmopolitan cultural heritage.

Moroccan Street Music and Songs and Rhythms of Morocco by Lyrichord Discs

Afro-Caribbean Music is a non-commercial server is devoted to the promotion of the Afro-Caribbean culture by the mean of it's music and presently lists seven CDs in it's Morocco page.   There are links to a commercial site in France for purchase.

ARC Music offers the largest selection of world and ethnic music from all corners of the globe. Established in 1976, we are the original world music label. The catalogue covers a wide selection of music including Kantele music from Finland, music of the North American Indians, Didgeridoo music from Australia, Punjabi Pop or Bhangra from India, Chinese Dulcimer, Japanese Koto, Middle Eastern percussion, music from Tahiti and much more. We cater for every purse, from our high quality low price series, to the popular mid price range and to collector items in the high price category. Morocco Collection

Morocco Academy of Mid-Eastern Dance
6 West 20th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenue) 2nd Floor (take the stairs) New York, NY 10011 Tel: 212/727-8326

Moroccan Music at the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage The Kennedy Center stages free daily performances on its Millennium Stage in the Grand Foyer. Featured on the Millennium Stage have been at least 15 Morocco-related performances over the years. These are all available for view via archival web cast.

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