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50 ways to serve FOM

50 ways to serve Friends of Morocco


Paula Wolfert in her cookbook Couscous and Other Good Food from Morocco offers the story of 50 ways to serve chicken.  The list came about due to a wager at a meeting of the Istiqlal during the struggle against the French in the early 1950s. The wager was made, and won, by Mehdi Bennoxina of Tetuoun, later chief of the Agence Maghreb Arabe Presse in Rabat. We offer for your consideration:


  1. Recruit a new FOM member.
  2. Pay your dues and send a donation to FOM.
  3. Invite a Moroccan to visit your home.
  4. Befriend a Moroccan college student.
  5. Go to to Washington, DC for the NPCA Conference
  6. Wear a crossed flag (U.S. and Morocco) or Moroccan flag lapel pin
  7. Host a Moroccan feast to be auctioned for your favorite charity.
  8. Write an article for the FOM Newsletter.
  9. Rejoin Peace Corps or recruit a new volunteer (1-800-424-8580).
  10. Vacation in Morocco and tell others about your experiences.
  11. Invite friends over for a Moroccan meal.
  12. Wear a Peace Corps lapel pin or button.
  13. Design, commission, and distribute a FOM bumper sticker.
  14. Take friends to a Moroccan restaurant.
  15. Take a Moroccan dish to a community pot luck or private pot luck.
  16. Do a Moroccan slide show for a school, civic group, or church.
  17. Be on the FOM Board of Directors or serve as a FOM officer..
  18. Organize or attend a Morocco reunion.
  19. Call or write an old friend from Morocco.
  20. See and discuss a movie filmed in or about Morocco
  21. Join and support the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA)
  22. Join or start your own local FOM chapter.
  23. Have Moroccan crafts on display in your house.
  24. Donate English language materials to a TEFL center.
  25. Teach kids some Arabic.
  26. Be informed and speak out on Arab/Islamic issues.
  27. Put a Peace Corps bumper sticker on your car.
  28. Hold a fund raiser for a project in Morocco.
  29. Write a song, poem, essay– maybe do a video– of your experience in Morocco.
  30. Write your newspaper presenting an RPCV's viewpoint on international events.
  31. Write Congress presenting an RPCV's viewpoint on international events.
  32. Apply for a Fulbright to study, teach or do research in Morocco.
  33. Contribute slides to the FOM slide library
  34. Represent Morocco in local international fairs.
  35. Import and sell Moroccan crafts.
  36. Wear Moroccan clothes.
  37. Help edit, design, produce, or distribute the FOM Membership and Resource Directory.
  38. Sell advertising in the FOM Directory to restaurants and merchants.
  39. Contribute to an NGO sharing FOM objectives.
  40. Take friends to the Moroccan Pavilion at Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida.
  41. Write an article on Morocco for your local newspaper.
  42. Write an article on Morocco for your professional journal.
  43. Recruit or brief a new Peace Corps volunteer
  44. Display photographs and crafts from Morocco in your office.
  45. Say insha'allah when referring to the future.
  46. Say bismellah when starting anything new.
  47. Read and discuss a book about Morocco.
  48. Go to your local mosque.
  49. Introduce yourself to Moroccans on the street.
  50. Lead or organize a tour to Morocco.

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